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Friday, February 17, 2006

Are You Married? Have Kids? [TM]

Bruce Tate has done it all... Not only did he write meaningless titles such as "Better Faster Lighter Java" and "Beyond Java", which I believe will be a popular series, next up is "Beyond RoR".

Reading this TSS thread Java: Dead Like COBOL, Not Like Elvis?, I was thinking 'Fine, so there are people who likes one technology over another. Though I think Bruce Tate is the type of person who tend to sell hypes, there's always N sides of the coin, people need to make some money.


I appreciate Bruce Tate's responses within the thread, until I read this sentence directed to Hani: Are you married? Have kids? which he repeated once. Holy crap, he writes not only cheap hypes, but also cheap attacks. Bruce, if you don't want your kids to read anything bad when they google your name, use some internet filter software, the same way you want to protect them from p0rn.

What do you think comes up when Bill Gates' kids google for "Bill Gates" and "idiot" or "evil" or "satan"?

It's the price of fame, no matter what field you are in, there will always be some haters. I don't like Hani's writing that much, but at least calling you an idiot is still relevant, while you're asking about his family is very irrelevant!

Do you think it doesn't matter if his parents read about the writings of Hani-haters? (believe me, there are plenty of them). What about his little nieces/nephews?
There will always be some people whom you don't want them reading bad stuff about you, not only kids.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Asshole Open Source

The Myth of Open Source

So I say, "You are what I call amateur open-source or hobbyist open source, which is you have a job and then you do this because that's your passion." And then somebody in the audience yells "You mean amateur open source as opposed to asshole open source?"

No matter whether Marc Fleury is right or wrong about professional open source, I can't disagree that he is an asshole (throw your hands in the air and say YEAHHH - if you agree).

Why an asshole?

Looking at the above list, all I can say is... WOW JBoss is truely professional. All bow to JBoss.

JBoss employees, care to share how it's like to work at a highly successful professional open source company such as the mighty JBoss?

*cough* astroturf expected *cough*

ps. Marc might be an asshole to Java/open-source community (let's face it, he pissed lots of people off - perhaps only the self proclaimed Dr.Java came close at second place), but I have no doubt that Marc could be a good person to his family, and to other people outside Java/open-source community.

Marc, hope you have a good sense of humour. Thanks for being a good sport :).